This page is meant as an educational resource and guide to works on the topic of the Indian partition, communalism, and modern South Asian history and literature.

The list of books and films compiled below constitutes a selective guide to some important works – in literature, film, history, and anthropology – for the cultural and historical study of Partition. This list will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Books . Films . Websites

“Select Research Bibliography on the Partition of India”

“The Partition of India”

Brittanica Online: India

India-Pakistan Partition

History Today: India and the British

Itihaas: Chronology-Modern India-1757 AD to 1947 AD

“India and Pakistan: partition lessons”
Celebrating 50 Years of Freedom

Indolink Analysis: The Ideology of Pakistan

India’s Partition and the Creation of Pakistan

TIME Essay: Hurrying Midnight

Hindu and Muslim: The Gospel of Hate

Light at a Half Century's End?

Fragments of Imagination: Rethinking the Literary in Historiography through Narratives of India's Partition

Contemporary Conflicts: Kashmir