This page is meant as an educational resource and guide to works on the topic of the Indian partition, communalism, and modern South Asian history and literature.

The list of books and films compiled below constitutes a selective guide to some important works – in literature, film, history, and anthropology – for the cultural and historical study of Partition. This list will be updated on an ongoing basis.

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Shyam Benegal
Mammo (1984)

Yash Chopra
Dharamputra (1961)
Veer Zaara (2004)

J.P. Dutta
Refugee (2000)

Ritwik Ghatak
Nagarik (“The Citizen” 1952)
Meghe Dhaka
Tara (“A Cloud-Covered Star,” 1960)
Komal Gandhar (“The Gandhar Sublime,” 1961)
Subarnarekha (“The Golden Line,” 1962)

Nemai Ghosh
Chinnamul (“The Uprooted” 1950)

Chandraprakash Dwivedi
Pinjar (“Skeleton,”2003)

Raj Kapoor
Chhalia (1960)

Deepa Mehta
Earth (1998)

M. S. Sathyu
Garam Hawa (“Hot Winds,”1973)

Govind Nihalani
Tamas (“Darkness,” 1986)

Anil Sharma
Gadar (“Revolution,” 2001)

Sabiha Sumar
Khamosh Pani (“Silent Waters,” 2003)